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Benjamin Victor Gallery and Studio at Boise State University

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The Benjamin Victor Gallery and Studio is located in Pioneer Hall on Bronco Lane, between the Student Union Building and Albertson’s Stadium. Formerly known as the Mechanical Technology Building, the 9,000-square-foot industrial space has been redesigned as a gallery and studio, where visitors can view a variety of Ben’s sculptures in the gallery and then learn about and observe the sculpture process from clay model to finished bronze product.

Picture of Ben Victor outside of gallery with three of his bronze sculptures

Six bronze statues stand out front of the gallery to greet visitors, including full-scale casts of the Biblical characters Samson, Delilah and Abel. Inside the pine-floored gallery, visitors can view towering, priceless clay originals of some of Benjamin Victor’s most famous works, as well as a rotating selection of intricate bronze maquettes and paintings by local and regional artists.

Picture of Madeline Fluharty and Benjamin Victor working in studio on life size clay of R.A. Bob Hoover

Victor’s studio space is located in the back of the gallery, where he can often be found working on commissioned pieces. Here, visitors will get a sense of the hours of detailed labor that go into creating each unique statue: anatomy books lay open on tables, story boards show the visual narratives of people the artist is working hard to memorialize — like Boise State’s very own Steve Appleton, whose 9-foot bronze likeness is displayed in the courtyard of the university’s Micron Business and Economics building. Blocks of marble and bricks of clay stand discretely in corners of the room, waiting for an artist’s touch.

Visitors are encouraged to stop by during business hours:

Monday through Friday, 9 a.m.-noon and 1-3 p.m.

Closed during Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays.

For private tours, please contact the gallery at (208) 426-2787 to schedule an appointment.